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ggDoE 0.8


  • gg_rsm() arguments filled, size, stroke have been removed. They were used for metR::geom_text_contour which is no longer being used.

  • pair_plots no longer checks design is a proper Latin hypercube design


  • gg_rsm() has new argument bins to specify the number of contour bins. Default is 6
  • gg_rsm() has new argument text_size to specify size of text for labelled contour lines. Default is 3
  • Added new function design_to_tibble() to convert an object of class design to tibble. Designs generated from packages such as DoE.base, FrF2


  • main_effects now has independent x-axis limits for each factor. Input design properly accepts class “design” generated from packages such as DoE.base, FrF2, same goes for interaction_effects
  • n_columns arguments is automatically adjusted to n_columns=1 in main_effects,interaction_effects, pair_plots whenever there is only one factor or pair of factors


  • switched metR to geomtextpath. geomtextpath is a lighter package in terms of dependencies compared to metR. This only affects gg_rsm and is used to add text labels on contour lines

ggDoE 0.7.9

CRAN release: 2023-07-06


  • The minimum needed R version has been bumped to 3.6
  • renamed diagnostic_plots() to gg_lm()
  • renamed gg_boxplots() arguments factor,response to x,y, respectively.
  • renamed twoD_projections() to pair_plots()
  • renamed form argument to formula in gg_rsm()


  • Added pulp_experiment data from “Experiments: Planning, Analysis, and Optimization, CFJ Wu, MS Hamada - Second edition”
  • Added girder_experimet data from “Experiments: Planning, Analysis, and Optimization, CFJ Wu, MS Hamada - Second edition”
  • Added new argument effect_colors to pareto_plot(). Default are c('#d9a698','#9ecede') for positive and negative effects, respectively.


  • removed data.table as a dependency. Now there are only two imports ggplot2 and insight
  • switched gridExtra to patchwork. No functionality change.


  • fixed labels in gg_rsm where numbers were not rounded and displayed over 10 digits. This resulted in labels in figures being cut off or stacked on top of each other

ggDoE 0.7.8

CRAN release: 2022-08-23


  • gg_boxplots() arguments response,factor,group_var are now string characters


  • added theme_bw_nogrid(), simple theme settings which were used throughout ggDoE plots


  • removed dplyr dependency in favor of data.table. data.table has significantly less dependencies compared to dplyr.

  • added insightto Imports for checking if required packages are installed for each respective function. insight will later be used for cleaning up source code for extracting information from model objects such as variables, responses, etc…

  • switched gridExtra and unrepx from Imports to Suggests


  • updated pkgdown website with new theme and reference structure

ggDoE 0.7.7



  • half_normal() has new argument point_color to change the color of the points
  • diagnostic_plots() has a new argument cooksD_type to change the threshold computed for Cook’s distance plot (plot #6)


ggDoE 0.7.6

  • minor fixes to documentation/vignettes
  • moved unrepex from Suggests to Imports
  • added

ggDoE 0.7.5


  • changed appearance of gg_boxplots() from using fill to color. Added new argument jitter_points to gg_boxplots() to overlay points to boxplots.

  • Added initial vignette for a quick overview of ggDoE. Still needs further details for certain plots

ggDoE 0.7.4


  • Fixed bug in twoD_projections() that would output the same plot for every plot in the grid

ggDoE 0.7.3


  • Added new function twoD_projections(). This function will output all two dimensional projections from a Latin hypercube design. Will add further details to documentation in future updates.


  • Switched gridExtra to Imports instead of Suggests under Description file

ggDoE 0.7.2


  • Added new plot to visualize collinearity through variance inflation factor (VIF) in diagnostic_plots() function. This is the sixth diagnostic plot.

ggDoE 0.7.1


  • in gg_rsm() restricted model class to only be an rsm object. Future updates will add back lm class object option.


  • added error message to diagnostic_plots() to check if there is insufficient degrees of freedom to obtain standard errors, t.value. It won’t plot any of the diagnostic plots for that model.


  • Consistent use of left-arrow operator (<-) for all functions in this package

ggDoE 0.7

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.


  • alias_matrix() Color Map on Correlations

  • boxcox_transform() Box-Cox transformation plot with 95% confidence interval of lambda values to consider

  • gg_boxplots() Boxplots created with ggplot2

  • diagnostic_plots() Regression Diagnostic Plots with ggplot2

  • gg_rsm() Contour plot(s) of a fitted linear model in ggplot2 from an RSM object

  • half_normal() A halfnormal plot for factorial effects

  • lambda_plot() Lambda plot for tracing t-statistics across different values of lambda

  • main_effects() Main effects plots for each factor in a design given a specified response

  • pareto_plot() A bar plot with ordered effects, margin of error (ME) and simultaneous margin of error (SME) cutoffs.

  • viridisPalette() A simple wrapper for the viridisLite package used for changing the color palette in most plots above